Committed to Perform



Malda Police is committed to prevent crime and to maintain law and order in the district as a whole which includes tourist destinations also.

We have geared up district police force to obtain knowledge of the people addicted to the crime at tourist places and to maintain adequate supervision over them. Apart from that Malda Police has given priority:

circle to ensure that all cognizable crimes are reported and registered as well as the tourists are encouraged to give full information in this respect.
circle to construct temporary kiosks during tourist season, which will act as reporting points for tourists in case of any security breach or for availing any similar kind of services.
circle to curb the activities of touts, beggars and hawkers of the concerned area.
circle to make the travel of the tourists hassle free by immediate intervention in case of any mishap.
circle to provide emotional support to the victims when they are cheated, their belongings are stolen, or whenever they fall prey to any other mischief or wrong doing.
circle to impart information to the tourists about locations, transport systems, facilities in the destinations, legal information, information regarding medical help in case of physical assault etc.
circle to show civility to all tourists and advice where they can get appropriate transport, accommodation and other services needed.
circle to intervene in the event of pick pocketing, eve teasing, harassment.
circle to assist foreign tourists in all needs and to guide them as and when necessary.

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